Thursday, 19 January 2012

Scenarios of use and potential end users

Some of us within IET here at the OU have been thinking about the design and evaluation of the Pelagios tools and interfaces/widgets that are going to be developed and tested over the next few months, and we'd like some feedback from all of you please, to help us answer a few questions.

In particular, we're thinking about:
  • our user base - in the final JISC proposal document, it mentions super users, end users and policy makers. We think the most important of these are the first two groups: super users and end users. But who exactly are these people - our target groups? could you give us some examples - and also, if anyone is happy to be included in one or both of these groups, please could you email me your contact details so we can include you in some of the design and evaluation tasks? or could you propose other people/institutions who might be happy to be involved?
  • scenarios of use - why will our users want to use these tools and interfaces? what drives them to look at these resources - what are their interests or goals? what do they need to get out of these resources? 
If you think you could help us with this information, please either post your comment on here or email me directly - many thanks!

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