Wednesday 25 July 2012

Pelagios WP1 at a Glance - Pt.2: Backstage

This post continues my report on the results of Work Package 1. (Read the first part of the series here.) In this second part, we'll take a look behind the scenes of the Pelagios API.

API Administration Area

The API admininstration area allows us to easily add new datasets or update existing ones manually. Furthermore, it has a "statistics dashboard". In project management terms, the statistics dashboard corresponds to Deliverable 1.3; and it tells us how our API is being used.

Using a few lists and charts, we can see what terms users are searching for, which places and datasets are most popular, and what response formats (HTML, JSON, RDF) are most frequently used.

API Statistics Dashboard
API Statistics Dashboard

Pelagios Monitor

The second essential component backstage is the Pelagios Monitor. The Monitor is separate from the API; and project-organization-wise, it represents the main part of Deliverable 1.1. The Monitor's (declaredly boring) task is to periodically crawl our partners' data to check for changes.

Needless to say, all software components we produced in WP 1 are open source (licensed under the GPL v3) and available on Github!

The API project is located at

The Monitor project is located at

Rainer Simon
Austrian Institute of Technology

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