Thursday 13 November 2014

Bringing About the SEA CHANGE

About two weeks ago, on Friday October 31, we held the first of two annotation workshops funded through the Open Humanities Awards, designed to gather data through our Recogito "crowdsourcing" interface. The Heidelberg University Institute of Geography kindly agreed to be our host for this inaugural event. A big thank you goes to Lukas Loos for setting up our visit and taking care of local organization, and to Armin Volkmann for his spontaneous decision to merge his geo-archaeology seminar with our workshop on that day.

And with what an effect. We were blown away by the results! In just two hours, our 27 participants made 6.620 contributions to 51 different documents (19 text and 32 maps). We've written a comprehensive report over at the DM2E blog. Be sure not to miss it!