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We and others have made available a series of interfaces that make use of Pelagios annotations. The following list is by no means definitive - we strongly encourage third parties to exploit the annotations in ways suited to their own community if interest. Titles are hyperlinked to further information.

API Interface

Although the REST-based API is predominantly intended for machine-use, we have provided a Google-Style search interface to allow people to find content related to a specific place.

Pelagios Mapping Tiles

Johan Ă…hlfeldt has put together a stunning set of mapping tiles that provide a useful backdrop when mapping the ancient world.

Pelagios Mapping Tiles


We have made two widgets available that Website owners can embed in their own pages in order to display Pelagios annotations.

Pelagios Contextualization Widget

Pelagios Graph Explorer (beta)

The Pelagios Graph Explorer allows users to explore common place references within multiple datasets or all the datasets associated with a particular place (or set of places).

Pelagios Heatmap (beta)

The Pelagios heatmap shows the relevant density of annotations associated with a particular place or region.

Third Party Widget: awld.js

Developed by Nick Rabinowitz and Sebastian Heath, awld.js adds instant context to place hyperlinks with just a few lines of javascript. The pop-up box appears when mousing over the link and includes a link to relevant Pelagios content.

Third Party API use: Open Context

Open Context uses the Pelagios API to directly incorporate links to relevant external content.

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