Monday 14 March 2011

Pelagios Project Plan Part 7: Budget

Budget forecast*

  • Total Staffing costs 59%
  • Partner collaboration activities (incl. the workshop) 16%
  • Overheads (Estates and Indirects) 27%

*This is the total budget, including contributions In Kind from partners (see below)

Budget Management

The Arts Faculty Research Grants Manager is Suzanne Duncanson-Hunter. She is working closely with both the PI and CoI to make sure that the project keeps to budget. The PI and CoI are also in close correspondence with the JISC manager over how best to manage costs and utilise resources. In addition, the Open University, through Suzanne's efforts, have already drawn up an external consultancy contract with Rainer Simon of DME for work to be undertaken on Pelagios in WP3.

Budget Justification

The ontology work undertaken by LUCERO in WP1 complements the funding that they already have from JISC. Furthermore, all work on ontology specification, mapping and alignment done by the data and documentation partners (GAP, Perseus, DME, SPQR, Arachne) and Pleiades is payment In Kind. Because all of our partners are already committed to linked open data research and have secured sustainable and significant funding for themselves, Pelagios is able to make substantial research and infrastructural advances on a relatively modest budget, thus greatly maximizing Return On Investment for both JISC and project partners.

This is encapsulated by our 'start-up' event, the one-day workshop at KCL, which presents a unique opportunity for an intensive exchange of knowledge and experience on Linked Open GeoData from the community at large, as well as from all of our partners. For this reason we are intending to record the proceedings to help document the discussion of issues and methods relating to linking open data ontologies, so that it may be of use for other groups working in this area in the future. Our budget ensures that all invited external expert speakers will have UK costs borne, while also paying for the time and expenses of all the Pelagios partners, for both their participation at the workshop and the project meeting on the following day.

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