Friday 5 August 2011

The PELAGIOS Graph Explorer: A First Look

The PELAGIOS project blog has been a little silent recently. But certainly not because of the summer - but rather because of some busy work that has been going on behind the scenes! Today I'd like to present some results of this work: the alpha version of the PELAGIOS Graph Explorer (working title ;-)

The Graph Explorer is a visualisation tool which lets you play with the data provided by the PELAGIOS partners, and explore the relations that now exists thanks to:
  • the alignment of all data with the Pleiades Gazetteer
  • the use of a common vocabulary to express place references

I'm planning to discuss the details - the components underneath the hood, the implementation, the Graph Explorer API - in a follow-up post. And there will also be a public demo instance you can try hands-on. But for now I'd just like to keep it short - and show what the tool looks like!

The first screencast explores how datasets from different PELAGIOS partners are related to each other through place. You can also view the original-resolution video for a clearer picture.

The second screencast takes the "inverse perspective" (so to speak) - and explores how different places in the PELAGIOS data are related to each other through data. The original-resolution video is here.

UPDATE: The online demo of the Graph Explorer is available at

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