Saturday 3 December 2011

Welcome to Pelagios - Phase 2

Pelagios is a growing collective of ancient world projects who are linking together their data so that scholars and members of the public are able to discover all different kinds of stuff about ancient places.

Phase 1 has been the proof of concept. In this stage we have linked some core ancient world projects to each other through the concept of place (a Pleiades URI) and a baseline ontology (Open Annotation). The value of those linkages is demonstrated in the Pelagios Explorer, which allows users to discover and investigate the data from those different projects in a handy search interface.

The second phase of Pelagios is to formalize that process by which anyone can join or enjoy the fruits of the Pelagios superhighway. We will provide a ‘digital toolkit’ for anyone producing material about the ancient world—not just universities but also museums, libraries, etc­—, so that their data will be more discoverable and usable. We will also be experimenting further with methods of visualizing that data so that subject specialist users and the general public can discover information about places that interest them, without having the technical expertise to do the digging themselves.

The Pelagios kick-off meeting in Greenwich: (back row) Andy Meadows (Nomisma), Sebastian Rahtz (CLAROS), Liz Fitzgerald (IET), Amy Smith (Ure Museum), Elton Barker (OU), Rainer Simon (DME), Alex Dutton (CLAROS); (front row) Leif Isaksen (Southampton), Simon Hohl & Rasmus Krempel (Arachne), Juliette Culver (IET)

It was taken by a plaque reading "Greenwich: still the centre of space and time"

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