Tuesday 11 August 2015

Linked Pasts

As Pelagios 3 and 4 are getting close to wrap up, we hosted an event at KCL in London called Linked Pasts. We've been meaning to write a post about it but our friend and fellow-LOD-traveller Holly Wright has just done a terrific job describing it over at the ARIADNE blog and so it seems to make sense to point you over there. We're hoping to arrange similar events in future so if you're interested in how the Linked Open Data ecosystem for the humanities is evolving then let us know and perhaps even consider hosting it!

We'll post links to the presentations shortly, but in the meantime you may want to check out the reports of the people, places and periods breakout groups. A huge thanks to everyone who took part for making it such a success (and especially to Gabriel Bodard who really helped us pull it all together).

Linked Open Data Ecosystems. With Cats.

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